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Pampering your jewellery!

Most of us spend a lot of time dry cleaning expensive coats, suits, delicate dresses and wool garments. We also obsess over shining our shoes. Women are even known to fuss over keeping their bags and satchels in innate condition, and some are also fastidious about storing their make-up in immaculate places under perfectly cool […]

Come in, Flirt Jewellery is open!

The wait is now over. Welcome to the world’s fastest growing jewellery store! Owned and operated out of Ontario, Canada, Flirt Jewellery has won countless hearts by its unbeatable presence on social media platforms for hundreds of unique jewellery pieces priced at unbelievably affordable rates. The range is too tempting to resist: from stunning studs, […]

Body without jewellery is like a face without eyes

Ever imagined what a perfectly silhouetted outfit in the most enchanting of style and color will look like without being paired with well-thought out jewellery? This fashion faux-pas can be equated to a face chiseled intricately by nature, resplendent with youthful beauty, but lacking its most arresting feature – the eyes. Indeed, the sparkle of […]