Pampering your jewellery!

Most of us spend a lot of time dry cleaning expensive coats, suits, delicate dresses and wool garments. We also obsess over shining our shoes. Women are even known to fuss over keeping their bags and satchels in innate condition, and some are also fastidious about storing their make-up in immaculate places under perfectly cool and dry conditions. But has anyone ever spared a thought about cleaning our jewellery that comes in direct contact with our body in delicate and sometimes intimate parts?

Welcome to this crash course on some quick and easy ways to keep these essential embodiments of beauty in pristine condition so that even fashion jewellery lasts as long as its real counterparts. This super time-saver tutorial comes in a few easy steps that become second nature in no time when it comes to pampering your jewellery, just as you take care of other expensive inhabitants of your wardrobe.

  • Play in Style: Sports lovers don’t always have to remove earrings, light necklaces, bracelets or a ring before that friendly match or a competitive playoff begins. Although perspiration and humidity can wear the sheen off your pricey ornaments, a simple jewellery cleaning regimen will ensure they sparkle away match after match. Although some jewellery can be cleaned with a soft, moist cloth, others require a dip and rinse in lightly soapy water. The rule of thumb is to keep all your pieces away from harsh, abrasive cleaning materials. The best way is to sort your jewellery so that you can customize your cleaning plan for gold, silver, pearls, gems or imitation jewellery.
  • Invest in a drawstring purse: Fight the urge to throw your jewellery in your bag. Instead, reach for a drawstring purse, preferably made of cotton, to store your ornaments. Take a moment to secure the clasp on your chain or necklace to avoid annoying tangles the next time you want to wear the same piece.
  • Have an expert jeweler inspect your jewellery: Instead of risking cleaning antique or delicate jewellery on your own, it is safer to get the advice of a veteran jeweler who can guide you regarding the most appropriate and safest way of cleaning and preserving your jewellery.
  • Avoid the “One Cleaner Cleans All” approach: Silver dips on gold jewellery can play havoc and vice versa. Reach out to the experts before experimenting on your own.
  • Inspect earring stoppers regularly: Who hasn’t lost an earring because the stopper came loose? Some earrings are a tad too heavy for the stoppers. Buy more secure stoppers (a great variety is available online for very cheap prices), and replace old with new ones if you see damage or overuse.

Finally, enjoy your bedecked look without any stress! After all, if you don’t lose an occasional pair of earrings or damage a necklace by getting it tangled beyond freedom, you won’t experience the famous “jewellery separation anxiety” some women credit for their eventful trip to the jewelers’ which got them the prettiest ornament in their jewellery box!


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