Jewellery with a silver lining

Not too long ago, gold was the ultimate status symbol, especially in South East Asian cultures. The new trend has seen silver, the sexy style statement, ask gold to move over rather aggressively and settle in a spot second to it. Now the definition of ethnic, trendy and chic is a tribal silver necklace or a statement ring that tells a story. This classy metal is not only easy to replicate intricate gold designs, once in your custody, silver jewellery doesn’t need to be rushed to the locker for safety. Within quick access in a nondescript almirah or closet at home, don your best oxidised silver set to get the stunning, traditional edge.

The conception that gold enhances sun-kissed complexions whereas silver flatters all hues may be a cliché; however, it is true that silver jewellery never disappoints, no matter who adorns it. Whitest and brightest, silver has stood the test of time. Affordable yet sassy, buy as many pieces as you want to match your outfits. A silver pendant chain paired with drop or stud earrings will perk you up for any occasion – casual or formal.

Take your craze for silver jewellery to the next level: pick ornaments paired with your favourite gemstones: garnets, turquoise, pearls or amethyst. Incredible versatility in style and designs, silver will add a touch of class to your entire persona. It’s association with luxury is not a thing of the books. “Served with a silver spoon,” this metal is more affordable than you think.

The new fad is sterling silver: over 90% silver, this metal helps you create the hard-to-get timeless look. The best part about owning silver jewellery is that although it may not be part of our currency, it is still money. After all, monetary history shows that silver has been used in coinage more often than gold. So, what are you waiting for? Stock up on your favourite jewellery styles and get ready to soak up all the attention it will bring!

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