1. Who we are:

Flirt jewellery is one of the fastest growing jewellery stores in the world. We were conceived with the evolving contemporary woman in mind. The modern female is fearless as a male. She is an embodiment of beauty, brains and belligerence. She balances the burgeoning demands on her being with composure and charisma. At Flirt Jewellery, we take care of that unparalleled charismatic look. From a globe trotting executive to an office worker to a homemaker, our mission is to ensure that every woman feels special, not only on occasions, but every single day of her life.

2. Where we’re located:

We are headquartered in Southern Ontario, close to the US-Canada border, in order to cater efficiently to our valued North American clients and beyond.

3. Our base currency and how you can pay:

All our products are priced in US dollars and you can use any major Credit Card to make a payment.

4. Your personal information security:

Flirt Jewellery is genuinely concerned about keeping your personal information confidential and secure to ensure a safe and stress-free navigation experience for all our clients worldwide. We have been granted the SSL Certificate, the gold standard of secure Credit Card transactions, data transfer and logins. In addition,we have gone the extra mile to become PCI Compliant to ensure that cardholder data is protected. PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance is enforced by the PCI Standards Council and all businesses that store, process, or transmit Credit Card data electronically are required to follow the compliance guidelines. We have sealed our superior protection by providing a third layer of online security for our valued clients by making Flirtjewellery.com McAfee SECURE. Shop with confidence because at Flirt Jewellery, we care about your personal information and have adopted multiple measures to optimize your purchase experience with us.

5. Our Privacy Policy:

Please find our detailed Privacy Policy here.

6. Our Shipping Policy

Please find our detailed Shipping Policy here.

7. Our Refund Policy:

Please find our detailed Return Policy here.

8. Our transparency:

Flirt Jewellery welcomes your thoughts and would take every measure to help you feel welcome and appreciated. Tell us how we did by participating in this brief Survey.

Please note that Flirt Jewellery reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions/cancel/refund a suspicious transaction  without prior notice. Please visit our site frequently for the most updated information.